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   Perfect for weddings!  Add a scrap book service option to your printed photo booth rental package.  Our 'worry free' option is perfect to create a memory book instantly that you get to take home at the end of the night.

 We provide everything!  The book, a custom cover photo, embellishments, variety of paint pens, the book artist.  We encourage guests to interact, write messages to the Bride & Groom, help decorate pages.  At the end of the night, the book is yours to take home -- or we can deliver it at a later date to keep it safe.


How It Works:  Add the scrap book option to any photo booth rental that provides prints.  We'll set the photo booth to create 'dual strips' so two identical copies are created each time a photo is printed -- one copy goes to the guests to keep, one goes in the scrap book.

Our dedicated scrap booker will create each page like an individual work of art, no two are exactly alike.  The booker will encourage guests to write well-wishes, memories, notes, sign, etc near their photos.  Each page is decorated with stickers, embellishments, and other decor to create a unique page.  At the end of the event, the book is handed over to you to keep.  We can also keep it safe and deliver or mail it to you at a later date, insuring it's safe-keeping.

Scrap booking is available to any photo service that creates instant prints for a flat fee of $150.  We'll provide everything!


We provide the scrap booker to create your memory book on-site as photos are printed


We encourage your guests to interact with the scrap book by writing messages and signing near their photos that are affixed in the book


Throughout the event, the booker will create each page to be unique and fitting to the theme of your occasion


At the end of the event, we'll present you with your custom scrap book to keep!  We can also deliver it at a later date to make sure it stays safe

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