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Enclosed Standup

Photo Booth

Classic Style Photo Booth!



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Travel Fee of 50 cents per mile each way for events 40+ miles outside Columbia, MO

This is our cornerstone. What put us on the map: Our classic enclosed photo booth. It’s what most people picture when they think of a photo booth. People go into the booth, close the privacy curtain and center themselves up in-frame and take photos. How our photo booths are different, is instead of sitting; people stand and pose for their photos. It provides for more people to be in the booth, larger groups, faster in-and-out, ADA accommodation such as wheelchairs, and more fun and ‘action’ shots.

Guests see themselves in a touch-screen monitor in front of them that guides them on how to operate the booth. They choose whether they would like Color photos or Black & White. After touching START, it begins the countdown with about 5 seconds between each photo. It takes the full number of photos that are on the print template (most commonly 4 photos). Guests then open the curtain, step outside, and retrieve their printouts within 15 seconds from the print station of the photo booth.

Next group enters and repeat for hours on end! The booth can handle a max of about 60 sessions per hour.

Template Design

We'll create a custom print template for your event to match your theme and style.  Can include logos, graphics, backgrounds, quotes, fonts.  Our specialty!

Physical Prints

This is the actual printout that your guest receives.  The photos taken are printed with the pre-designed print template.  Each printout is unique for your guest!

Prop Box

We'll include our box of goofy hats, glasses, masks, crowns, boas, chalk boards, quote signs.  It's ever-changing and always makes for super fun photos

Unlimited Use

Your guests can use the booth and photo services as many times as they possibly can during your rental time.  

Backdrop Choice

Choose from any of our solid color backdrops to match your event

Web Gallery

You and your guests can retrieve all their individual photos from a private gallery on  All photos are in high resolution and guests can even purchase reprints in a variety of sizes and finishes

Gallery Download

You will receive a separate PIN number to allow you to download ALL the photos from your event for free.  They are your photos and can do whatever you'd like with them!

Early Setup

The Enclosed Booth takes an hour to setup and we prefer to not do that in front of your guests or interrupt an event.  We'll setup earlier in the day free-of-charge.  This way your guests show up and it's all set and ready to go when your rental time starts!

Ready to get started?  Click the Booking button to get your date reserved!

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